Moferrato Rosso

Wine obtained by blending Barbera (70%) and Nebbiolo (30%) grapes. This practice, quite frequent in the past for reasons of practicality, is today being reappraised and used to bring together the best features of these two noble Piedmont’s wines: Barbera, strong and powerful, with an intense taste and a rich bouquet, and Nebbiolo, just as characteristic but with softer, almost elegant notes. A magnificent marriage of pleasing notes that improve with the lengthy ageing in wood, fifteen-eighteen months, which the wine undergoes before being bottled. An inviting wine, great and powerful, that has no fear of ageing; quite the contrary, it improves over the years. A wine for great occasions, recommended with important meat dishes.

Technical data
Species of wine: Barbera 70%, Nebbiolo 30%
Vine-training system: Guyot 
Harvesting: Late 
Alcoholic content: 13,5% (vol.) and above
Organoleptic data
Colour: intense garnet red, with iridescent reflections.
Bouquet: intense, rich in spicy notes and ethereal.
Taste: warm, full, robust, embracing and velvety.
Best serving temperature: 20°C. Uncork the bottle a couple of hours before serving the wine.