The tradition and experience of country life

Ours is a winery that handles the entire cycle: vineyards, grapes, the vinification and aging cellars. We always pay the greatest attention to every productive phase so as to ensure an absolute guarantee of the quality of all the wines we produce.
Barbera, Grignolino, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, Chardonnay, Cortese, are the species of grape we grow, with Barbera taking up the lion's share. The classic, traditional Guyot system is adopted. 


The landscape, the vineyards, nature

It is in Agliano that our house is to be found, as is a part of our vineyards.
Our estate does not cover a vast area, and this fact enables us to tend our vineyards and follow each and every vine-growing phase in the same way as has been done for generations in our family, a family that lives on and for its vines, running the risks and facing the difficulties that are inherent in any farming work, but in the certainty of working in the right way, without delegating others to handle the most important phases for the quality of the wine. 


The winery: technology, creativity, tradition

Technology is at nature's service: from soft pressing, or destalking and crushing, to temperature-controlled fermentation, both in stainless-steel tanks and in wooden casks. Every vineyard's grapes are pressed separately so as to enhance each different and particular range of aromas and characteristics that the soil may bestow upon the vines.
After being repeatedly racked and after other meticulous operations, some wines can then be bottled. Others need a period of refining and aging, carried out in oak casks. 


The wine: taste and passion

Once the wine has been bottled, it must be laid down for a further period, which may last just a few weeks or, as is the case for aged wines, even up to eight months. This is done so that one may fully appreciate the taste of a typical, characteristic wine that, while varying every year, remains constant over time, fruit of effort, customs, perserverance and tradition.